Laser-based polishing

State-of-the-art: Laser Polishing is a highly productive, contactless and fully automatic post-processing technique that gives promising results to lower the surface roughness of 3D printed metallic components from the past two decades. In laser polishing, when the laser radiation interacts with the parts, peaks of the surface are melted to a very thin layer and redistributed into the valleys by surface tension and gravity. Being eco-friendly, flexible, and highly efficient, laser polishing draws considerable attention of researchers for use in the post-treatment of metallic AM components. For instance, laser polishing has shown its ability to polishing varieties of materials, from reflective materials like aluminium to high strength materials like Inconel and Titanium alloys. However, differences in melting temperature and linked dynamic behaviour from one material to another make the process delicate to control and to universalise. In particular, it requires more sophisticated process strategies in combination with sensors, which still need to be developed.

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