Sister Projects funded by EU

Project Links Technologies Application Use Cases Short Description
BILASURF Logo New methods for surface functionalisation of high-value components Website
Laser texturing (ultra low pulse laser) Hydro-turbines (hydroelectric energy)
Fan in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Other (replacement of functional coatings)
BILASURF aims at developing and integrating a process for high-rate laser functionalization of complex 3D surfaces using tailored designed riblets to reduce friction and improve the environmental footprint of industrial parts, ensuring a high throughput with the help of inline monitoring capabilities. This solution will provide European industry with a key tool to use a more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing process.
FABULOUS Logo Fabrication of 3d metasurfaces to enable the next generation of optical products Website
Multi-photon 3D printing (massively parallelised) Solar cells (optical product 1)
Automotive camera lenses (optical product 2)
Light pipes used in automotive lighting systems
FABulous aims to develop an industrial surface ‘coating’ technology that exploits breakthroughs in multiphoton lithography and process modelling to manufacture high resolution 3D metasurfaces at a throughput viable for series production. The project will develop and demonstrate a new laser-based platform for the high-throughput and high efficiency manufacturing of optical metasurfaces. By co-optimising process, product, and surface design methodologies with new micro-fabrication methods, FABulous will enable the rapid fabrication of custom high-resolution 3D metasurfaces, at a throughput viable for commercial manufacturing.
SURE2COAT Logo Sustainable surface treatments of complex shape components for transsectorial industrial innovation Website
Casting, PEO, Laser Texturing, E-Coating Accesory gearbox (aeroengines)
Gas water heaters (consumer goods)
Heat exchanger for LHS (latent heat storage)
SURE2COAT aims at developing new or improving exsisting surface treatments on metals such as copper and aluminium to increase energy efficiency, prolong components life and protect agains corrosion. The surface treatments will be virtually or physically be implemented into existing or new production lines. Cost, sustainability, applicability and impact are factors that governs the success of the individual methods. SURE2COAT is transsectorial focusing on use cases related to thermal heat storage, gas-water-heaters, engines in the food&beverage industry and gear box components in the aviation industry. Read more about the project, its partners and project results here.
SYNTECS Logo Sustainably and digitally driven hierarchical surface texturing for energy-saving Website
Laser texturing (short-pulse (SP) and ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers) Injection molding inserts (plastics)
Hip implant system (medical)
Complex shaped vapour chamber (heat transfer device)
The overall aim of SYNTECS is to develop and demonstrate a digital and green laser texturing approach to generating complex multifunctional surfaces. A machine platform will be developed (TRL6), that enables interchangeable Direct Laser Writing (DLW), Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) and Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structuring (LIPSS), with a multi-axis motion stage for processing complex geometries and an inline monitoring and control system.
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