Scaling New Heights in Surface Patterning: DLIP with 1 kW Fiber Laser at LPM 2024

We are pleased to highlight a significant advancement presented at the recent LPM Symposium 2024 in San Sebastián, Spain. Bogdan Voisiat, alongside co-authors Wei Wang, Dominik Britz, and Andrés F. Lasagni, delivered a key presentation titled “Pushing the Boundaries: 1 kW Fiber Laser Driven Direct Laser Interference Patterning Technique.”

This presentation introduced a pioneering approach to Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) through the utilisation of a 1 kW fiber laser, a technology widely employed in industrial settings. This marks the first instance of successfully integrating such a high-power fiber laser into DLIP, thereby achieving significant improvements in the scalability and flexibility of surface patterning processes.

The introduction of this technique provides new opportunities for enhanced efficiency and versatility in industrial laser applications. The use of a fiber laser for DLIP offers potential for broad adoption in various sectors that demand high-quality and repeatable surface modifications.

For more information, visit the LPM 2024 Symposium.

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