Advancing Laser Interference Patterning: Ignacio Tabares Presents Real-Time Monitoring at LPM 2024

At the recent LPM Symposium 2024 in San Sebastián, Spain, Ignacio Tabares presented a talk titled “Real-time Monitoring of Nanosecond Direct Laser Interference Patterning Structure Formation on Stainless Steel Using Time-Resolved Reflectivity.” Co-authored by Marcos Soldera, Bogdan Voisiat, and Andrés F. Lasagni, this presentation explored advanced techniques for real-time monitoring of laser-induced structures.

The talk detailed how time-resolved reflectivity can be utilised to monitor and control the formation of patterns on stainless steel during the nanosecond laser interference process. This method enhances precision and efficiency in industrial applications, enabling superior quality in the fabrication of surface structures.

The LPM Symposium provided a valuable platform for disseminating these cutting-edge advancements, contributing to the ongoing development of laser microfabrication technologies. To stay updated on the latest trends in laser technology, visit the LPM 2024 Symposium.

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