Driving Laser Technology Forward: Andrés Lasagni's Invited Talk at LPM Symposium 2024

In light of the recent LPM Symposium 2024 in San Sebastián, Spain, we are proud to highlight the invited presentation by CLASCO's Andrés Lasagni.

This talk, entitled "Unveiling the European Journey: Advancements in Laser Technology through Laser4Fun, LAMpAS, and CLASCO projects", provided an in-depth look at the significant advances in Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) achieved through key EU-funded projects.

Andrés Lasagni, (co-author Marcos Soldera), presented the evolution of European research and development in laser technology. Their presentation detailed how the Laser4Fun, LAMpAS and CLASCO projects have collectively driven innovation in DLIP, improving precision and functionality in various industrial applications. This journey underlines Europe's leading role in the development of laser-based manufacturing techniques.

The 2024 LPM Symposium served as an important platform to disseminate these advances. The presentation highlighted how collaborative efforts within the EU framework are driving technological progress and setting new standards in the field of laser patterning.

Visit the LPM 2024 Symposium for more details.

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