Synergy between laser technology & sustainability through education and training with CLASCO

At the forefront of sustainable innovation, the recent joint DGM Expert Committee meeting in Aachen, Germany, marked the next step in the education and training dissemination of the CLASCO project. The event, with CLASCO presenters including Prof. Gesa Beck of ABCircular, Prof. Andrés Lasagni of TU Dresden and Dr Sebastian Slawik of DGM, provided the attending experts with perspectives on the results of the CLASCO project.

Discussions focused on the interface between circular materials and micro- and nanopatterning techniques. Prof. Beck's presentation delved into the sustainability design of emerging technologies in general and with CLASCO, providing participants with a transformative view of ecological considerations in technology development.

Prof. Lasagni's general introduction and presentation of the first results of the CLASCO project highlighted how laser-based technologies could revolutionise the sustainability of metallic 3D parts. Dr. Slawik compared laser surface structuring and laser peening, highlighting the superior surface properties.

With a general focus on sustainability, the meeting highlighted the importance of innovative research in creating a more sustainable future. The CLASCO project was presented as a leading research initiative, reinforcing the need for continued collaboration and innovation.

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