Progress towards a strategic exploitation framework for CLASCO

In an important step to increase the impact of our research, the CLASCO consortium convened for its second exploitation workshop, expertly facilitated by Steve Bageritz of Steinbeis Europe.

The event took place against the backdrop of our annual meeting in Seville and set the stage for a comprehensive discourse on the strategic exploitation of our project results.

Workshop highlights:

• Raise awareness and discuss potential bottlenecks/obstacles related to foreground IP and assets.

• Understand the state of technology readiness for technically related foreground IP/assets.

• Clearly link all scientific work and expected industrial results to exploitation claims.

• Overview of ownership and co-ownership of identified foreground IP/assets and access claims during the project and beyond.

These focused discussions are essential to align our scientific endeavours with pragmatic industrial applications. We appreciate the commitment and collaborative spirit of all consortium members who are an integral part of this journey. As we move forward, CLASCO remains committed to a balanced and effective exploitation strategy.

For further updates on our progress and insights into our methodology, please stay engaged with the CLASCO project.

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