CLASCO Project's Inaugural Exploitation Workshop: A Reflection

Yesterday's CLASCO project Exploitation Workshop marked the beginning of a unified strategy, shaping the future of CLASCO's innovative endeavor.

We are pleased to announce the completion of the first CLASCO project Exploitation Workshop, which took place yesterday. This session was crucial in bringing together all project consortium members, facilitating a shared understanding of each entity‚Äôs contributions, and how these integrate within the broader project objectives. 

The workshop's agenda was meticulously crafted to support a structured and thorough exploration of the contributions of each consortium member. This provided a platform to discuss the interlinkages, and collectively pinpoint potential key exploitable results that will propel the CLASCO project to its next phase.

We are now equipped with a clearer roadmap and a strengthened partnership network, thanks to the active engagement and expertise of all participants.

Thanks to Steve Bageritz from Steinbeis Europazentrum and all our consortium members for their valuable input.

For more information about CLASCO, please visit our website.

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