Sensory Techniques in Laser Microfabrication: A Recap of Prof. Andrés Lasagni's Talk at ICALEO conference

ICALEO 2023: Prof. Andrés Lasagni's riveting presentation on the synergy of sound and light sensing in laser microfabrication has set a new benchmark for technological advancement.

In a significant highlight of the ICALEO Conference 2023, Professor Andrés Lasagni of Technische Universität Dresden, who also holds a joint appointment with Fraunhofer IWS, delivered a groundbreaking presentation that captured the attention of industry professionals and academics alike. His talk, entitled "Sensing Sound and Light for Monitoring Laser Microfabrication Processes," delved into the innovative amalgamation of acoustic and optical sensing techniques to improve the precision of manufacturing processes.

Professor Lasagni, a renowned figure in the field, shared his expertise and explored the convergence of acoustic and optical sensing in enhancing manufacturing precision. His insights offered a glimpse into the potential of integrated sensory techniques in advancing laser microfabrication technology. The session stood out as a testament to the forward-thinking approach of ICALEO 2023, underscoring the congress's dedication to spearheading industrial innovation in the realm of laser technology.

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