In portrait: CLASCO project consortium member ABCircular GmbH

CLASCO - Climate Neutral and Digitized Laser Based Surface Functionalisation of Parts with Complex Geometry, the European research project coordinated by TU Dresden and funded by the European Union under Horizon Europe, started in January 2023. We introduce you to the Use Case Consortium Members of the CLASCO project in exclusive short portraits.

The main objective of the CLASCO project? A universal and digitised laser-based post-processing method for the production of functionalised parts with complex shapes is being developed in the EU-funded CLASCO project. 12 international project partners from science, industry, research and application are united in the CLASCO project. The project is coordinated by the Technical University of Dresden. In our exclusive interview series, the CLASCO project partners introduce themselves in the areas of CLASCO Machine, Optics, Process Monitoring, Sample Preparation through Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Strategy and Business Model as well as Circularity and Sustainability. 

Get to know the CLASCO project consortium member in the area of Circularity and Sustainability

ABCircular GmbH 

1. ABCircular GmbH emphasizes environmental analytics and circular solutions. How do these specialities align with the objectives and sustainable goals of the CLASCO project?

ABCircular’s specialty in sustainability consulting, and particularly holistic sustainability assessments aligns with the overall goal of CLASCO to quantifiably prove the reduction of energy, consumption of raw and auxiliary materials and overall costs of CLASCO compared to conventional manufacturing. Furthermore, through our training, we are experienced in communicating the sustainability aspects of complex scientific developments to those less specialised in the field, thereby fostering long-term communication beyond the project’s boundaries.

2. Given CLASCO’s emphasis on reducing environmental impact and creating sustainable production processes, in what ways is ABCircular GmbH contributing its expertise to enhance the project's sustainability metrics?

One of our main contributions to the project is an eco-design checklist, which facilitates the identification of environmental, economic and social hotspots in the existing product life cycle. From this information, we make suggestions for inclusions to the CLASCO project, which will ultimately improve the sustainability performance of the process. These sustainability improvements are all quantified using environmental, economic and social assessment methods.

3. How does ABCircular GmbH plan to incorporate economic and sustainability assessments as well as experiences in recycling technologies within the context of the CLASCO project?

We are incorporating our experience in economic, environmental and social assessments of production processes to determine the overall sustainability result of the CLASCO machine. Through our experiences in recycling technologies, particularly green chemistry, we are well versed in the topic of material safety, the importance of reducing the use of harmful chemicals, and improving the safety of processes.

4. The EU places a significant focus on comprehensive sustainability. How does ABCircular's involvement in the CLASCO project, with its deep dive into holistic sustainability assessment, align with the broader European vision for a green and inclusive industry?

As we all know, citizens play a significant role in shifting Europe to a sustainable future. In our assessments, we not only consider economic, environmental and social aspects but also delve into the topic of gender dimensions. We are bridging the gap between technical developments and sustainability impact, and researching how CLASCO can contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable Europe. Through assessing such impacts, we can demonstrate the alignment of CLASCO with the EU’s vision for a green and inclusive society, which in turn, enhances the project’s reputation and potential for real-world impact.


Thank you to ABCircular GmbH for the information.

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