Introducing CLASCO project at FEMS EUROMAT 2023

From 03 to 07 September 2023, the FEMS EUROMAT 2023, the largest European materials congress organized by the DGM, took place in Frankfurt/Main. We took the opportunity to represent the CLASCO project with presentations in the area topic "Materials for Circularity and Sustainability".

Caitlin Wallis (ABCircular GmbH) presented the CLASCO project at FEMS EUROMAT 2023.

In the upcoming years, the European industry is gearing up to embrace climate-neutral industrial value chains, focusing on producing sustainable products. One of the key enablers of this revolution is the adoption of digital systems, particularly in manufacturing.

The CLASCO project aims to tackle these challenges by introducing a digitalised laser-based post-processing system for additive manufacturing parts. This system, combining Laser Powder Bed Fusion with Laser polishing and surface micro-structuring, will replace multiple resource-intensive processes, minimizing environmental harm. Implementation of this route will not only replace environmentally unfriendly methods but may also enhance performance. Integrated with in-line monitoring methods like plasma sensors and infrared cameras, the process will feature a digital twin, offering a virtual representation of each product part. This endeavor is set to optimize sustainability throughout the product's lifecycle, a significant stride towards green manufacturing in the European industry.                                                         

Thank you, Caitlin Walls (ABCircular GmbH) for presenting the CLASCO project at FEMS EUROMAT 2023

As we shared our progress and insights at the FEMS EUROMAT 2023 Symposium “Materials for Circularity and Sustainability”, we welcomed stakeholders, fellow researchers and thought leaders to follow us in building a sustainable and digitized future for European industry and beyond.

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