CLASCO project at the 12th International Summer School in Laser Technology

In the ever-evolving world of laser technology, the 12th International Summer School stands out as a beacon of innovation and knowledge dissemination. As the most esteemed summer school in Germany, this year's focus was not just on the broad spectrum of "Trends and New Developments in Laser Technology", but also prominently on the pioneering CLASCO project.

Under the adept leadership and organization of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andrés-Fabián Lasagni, the Chair for Laser-based Manufacturing, this five-day workshop emerged as a melting pot for undergraduates and PhD students. The aim was clear: to dive deep into the fundamental and applied aspects of laser technology while also shining a spotlight on the groundbreaking initiatives of the CLASCO project.

While lectures from esteemed industry experts formed the backbone of the program, there was also an emphasis on practical insights, informal discussions, and collaborative brainstorming. Encouraging participants to showcase their research topics further enriched the overall learning experience.

Delving into diverse laser technology horizons

The curriculum was expansive, spanning multiple dimensions of laser technology:

  • Surface hardening technologies
  • High-speed 2D laser cutting
  • Laser welding nuances
  • Contemporary additive manufacturing processes
  • Potential applications of ultra-short pulsed lasers
  • Laser process simulation explorations
  • Techniques of laser micro/nano structuring
  • An intricate look at laser interference patterning

The CLASCO-project: Leading the way forward

Under the guidance of Prof. Lasagni, the CLASCO project has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of laser technology. Its introduction at the Summer School was not just a mere presentation, but a significant highlight that captured the attention of all attendees.

On 29 August 2023, Ignacio Tabares, a pivotal member of the CLASCO project, unveiled the nuances of the project during by the presenation “Monitoring of ns-DLIP structure formation: a time resolved reflectivity based approach”. 

In Retrospect

The 12th International Summer School, with its blend of holistic learning and a distinct focus on the CLASCO project, has set a new precedent for future editions. Under the leadership of Prof. Lasagni, both the summer school and the CLASCO project promise to shape the future contours of laser technology. The laser community now eagerly anticipates the innovations and revelations that the next edition might bring.

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