CLASCO project: Short portrait of the project consortium members – AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE

CLASCO - Climate Neutral and Digitized Laser-Based Surface Functionalization of Complex Geometry Parts, is a European research initiative led by TU Dresden and financially supported by the European Union through Horizon Europe. The project commenced in January 2023. In this spotlight, we present the Use Case Consortium Members participating in the CLASCO project through concise profiles. In this edition, let's delve into the insights of AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE.


With total funding of around €4.8 million, the project aims to revolutionise manufacturing through climate-neutral and digitised laser-based surface functionalisation of complex components. A consortium of 13 member institutions from six European countries, including Spain, France, the UK, Austria, Ireland and Germany, as well as the UK, are working on the six project objectives in an interdisciplinary exchange.


1. Why are you involved in the CLASCO project?

We become a project partner with the primary objective of reducing environmental impact, reducing procurement lead time for our parts (Use Cases), and improving knowledge about friction coefficient surfaces. Participating in a consortium like this one will improve our collaboration skills.

2. What do you expect from the CLASCO project? 

To improve friction surface control and friction, to reduce cost and lead time, to improve our knowledge of the design/manufacturing cycle with AM technologies, and of course to reduce environmental impact.

3. What experience and/or expertise do you bring? 

We bring a wide experience in launcher/satellite separation devices for different launchers in the market. Test included.

Thank you to our project partner AIRBUS DEFENCE & SPACE for the information.

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